Sharing our aspirations

We are delighted to be able to announce that tomorrow we are taking part in a national conference for National  Care Leavers Week.

Show Me That I Matter were  approached by The Prince’s Trust to speak at the London conference about the group’s poster and blog project Aspire To More, which highlights the importance of care leavers – including nationally-known authors and York residents – as role models for those in care.

SMTIM co-chair Shelly  will talk about the project and co-chair Amy will talk about the importance of role models and the project’s future plans. Along with Inspired Youth which delivered the project, they will ask delegates to have a look at the Aspire to More project and to encourage others to take get involved and take part.

Amy, who spoke at the SMTIM celebration at City of York Council’s West Offices last month, said:

“We are delighted to be asked to take part in National Care Leavers Week. I’d have never imagined at the start of this project that it would have such impact, but it’s incredible.”



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  1. Lara mann says:

    I just read David akinysas report and am so glad that organisations like this exsist foster care is a very taboo subject and doesn’t receive enough recognition wel done on raising awareness keep up the awesome work !

    Lara Mann previous foster child ❤


    1. aspiretomore says:

      Thanks Lara , keep an eye on the blog as we have some more interviews coming, the more interviews we have and share the more we can reduce the stigma for current and future young people and care leavers.


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