Isabelle Turner …. Hi again …

Hi, Again!

My name is Isabelle Turner, I’m currently 20 years old and boy has the past year been a challenging but exciting one!

I began with going into my second year on my level 3 course, with the plan of applying for Drama school. I wanted to take on a course that would enable me to change people’s life’s and world, by using Theatre/Art. Which is how I found out about Applied Theatre! This course enables me to work with vulnerable people, communities, homeless and just about anyone and use my skills as an actor/performer to change their lifes.

However, I firstly had to write my statement, and that was hard! Trying to write about myself, my hobbies and my goals all in a matter of what 500 words? But I did it after many tears, and sent it off to 2 Drama schools ( Birmingham school of acting, and CCSD) and 2 Universities (York St John and Northumbria).

Now in a matter of weeks York St John offered me a Unconditional without seeing me, while I had secured 3 auditions. After attending my very scary auditions for Birmingham and CSSD both offered me places to study with them!!!

isabelle 2

I was over the moon, as both were my dream drama schools to attend, but now all I needed was the grades.

Which is what motivated me to put every ounce of energy I had into college, into proving that I am not just a number on a bit of paper.

That I am NOT somebody who won’t  achieve anything like I had been told by countless “professionals”.

That I am NOT like my family. And it worked. All that hard work, tears, and sweat worked. I finished college with a Grade of Distinction* Distinction Distinction.

isabelle 3


I got into The Royal Central school of speech and drama. Where I will go on to study, and use theatre to change life’s and hopefully the world.

Take what they are saying, and turn it around. Achieve your goals, dreams and everything else in the world.



So let people tell you you won’t make it, or you won’t achieve anything. But don’t listen to them. Take what they are saying, and turn it around. Achieve your goals, dreams and everything else in the world. As that’s what I’m doing and I’ll keep doing it.

Ps: I also played a lead role in a sold at show at the West Yorkshire Playhouse!



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