ADCS – An amazing experience

On Friday the sixth of July, myself and Amy headed to Manchester via the train to close the ADCS (Association of Directors of Children’s Services) conference!

Now this was a 3 day overnight stay conference for all of the professionals that had attended from the start, and me and Amy had been given an amazing opportunity to close the conference, in front of up to 250 directors and decision makers from across the UK!

The conference took place at a rather grand hotel – The Midland – and myself and Amy had done a lot of preparation on our travels, across Manchester and on the tram. On arriving at the hotel, we rehearsed in the sun and then took a coffee break before going in.


Jon Stonehouse then met us beforehand to offer his support, after all he was the reason we had been invited! We followed him into the large conference room and were seated at the front left, on a round table with ‘Reserved’ seats! We listened firstly to some question being answered around children’s services and then we were invited on stage. Jon happily thanked everyone and introduced me and Amy. We spoke to a very captivated audience about the importance of love and role models for children in care, and received an amazing standing ovation. We spotted many tissues in hands around the room. At the end after answering some eager questions, we were able to chat with other directors personally!

Overall the experience was amazing; we’re branching out further and further each day, in order to share the messages of being in care. We made a huge impact that day and the #ADCSconf18 was trending for a few days afterwards on twitter! It is always great to receive such lovely feedback from the audience, and to know that we’re really making an impact.


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