“Aspire To More” project sparks into life

The Aspire To More team met for the first time at West Offices to launch our new raising aspirations project. The project is designed to give young people the opportunity to meet successful care leavers who have overcome adversity  to build positive and inspiring lives. IMG_7908

After checking in and exploring the project aims the team got to work on exploring local and national role models from care backgrounds. They used the internet to find out about Paolo Hewitt and Jenny Molloy, both successful writers from care backgrounds. IMG_7898IMG_7899The team decided what the key messages would be for their campaign. The themes were really strong and revolved around positive outcomes for care leavers.IMG_7913

IMG_7933Next the team discussed what they could learn from our role models and what questions they would like to ask. The group devised interesting and thought provoking questions which will be used in real life interviews they will compose with role models later in the project.IMG_7914IMG_7915Ellie is hard at work shaping questions for our role models.IMG_7918IMG_7919-What was it like first going into care?

-What would you say to children in care?

-Do you think y our foster carers helped you?

-Did you ever feel alone?

-Do you think your past has helped you to achieve the things you have achieved?IMG_7922-What has driven you?

-What keeps you going?

-Have you ever felt like giving up?IMG_7923Lauren’s key messages artistically decorated with blackcurrant juice… IMG_7927The group made an energetic and committed start to the process bringing lots of ideas to the table. It is an exciting start and the group is looking forward to the next stage of the project. Follow the blog to see the project unfold #AspireToMoreIMG_7984

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