Danny shares his life story

The next role model to grace the project with their story is Danny. Danny went into care when he had just turned 14 years of age. Danny Pippa session_1Amy composed the interview and Danny warmed to the task, it was a really honest and open conversation.Danny Pippa session_3Danny talked about his time in care with his brother Dean and how they had always wanted to stay together in the care process. “He’s like my rock, I’ve been through everything with him” he explained.Danny Pippa session_4Danny also talked about his experience of writing ‘How To Fly’ – a rap song about real life care experiences. The film, featuring Danny and his brother Dean, was part of a project called #Music4Care which won a National Kids Count award at the Houses of Parliament. Click here to see Danny and Dean receiving the national award in London!Danny Pippa session_6One of the things Danny talked about was the feeling when he first went in care, “you feel cheeky, you don’t know if you can get a drink, if it’s okay to get something to eat.” Once he settled in he explained “you get used to it, you get to know people.”Danny Pippa session_7Danny took an option to stay on in care until he was 18 and had a positive relationship with his foster family.Danny Pippa session_9The group look on as Danny shares his perspectives on life and reflects on his experiences… Danny Pippa session_13On the record, Liam records audio of the interview…Danny Pippa session_14Danny Pippa session_15It was a great interview and good to meet inspiring care leavers and hear their positive messages.Danny Pippa session_18Now it was Danny’s turn to be under the spotlight as Scott Akoz and the group photographed him for the poster campaign.Danny Pippa session_29And action…Danny Pippa session_35Danny and Scott review the images…Danny Pippa session_36Danny Pippa session_37Amy in the midst of the creativity Danny Pippa session_39Danny Pippa session_44Danny Pippa session_45Danny Pippa session_49Danny’s full interview is coming soon, follow the blog for updates.


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