Aspire To More- Raising Care Leaver Aspirations

cropped-img_7933.jpg“Aspire To More” is a creative project funded by JRF and delivered by Inspired Youth  in partnership with The Speak Up Service – York’s Children’s Rights and Advocacy Service which is part of  City of York Council.

Working in close partnership with York’s Children in Care Council  “Show Me That I Matter” (SMTIM) , we will embark on a journey to meet care leavers that have gone on in their lives to become a success. By discovering what challenges these role models faced and how they overcame them, young people can both learn and share key messages with the wider community. The aim of the project will be to raise the groups aspirations, and by utilising the learning and insight they gain from speaking to successful care leavers they will be equipped to create a positive campaign that will raise aspirations and open minds to the possibilities of promising and inspiring futures.

The engaging journey will lead to the creation of a powerful poster series promoting ‘raising aspirations’ specifically aimed at care experienced young people. It will be an opportunity for young people to raise and discuss challenges that care experienced young people face in terms of aspirations, confidence and futures. It will be designed to inspire care experienced young people from York by presenting them with positive and inspirational role models, people who have faced similar challenges who they can learn from and be inspired by!


In the UK the definition of poverty is being debated as the government seeks to change the criteria currently used to measure child poverty. The Economic Science and Research Council developed a report in 2012 in partnership with University of York. They found that widening access to public services is a basic principle of anti-poverty work, since local public services are often directed toward those on low incomes. With one third of care leavers in the UK unemployed, we believe it is important group to engage in the context of poverty and life chances. In this context we feel this work is vital in order to effect and influence this trend in a positive and inspiring way. The campaign will be a catalyst to spark imaginations and carry strong messages that promote high achievers who come from care backgrounds.

Our journey will be captured on this blog so stay tuned to watch it unfold and come to life.


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