Inspired Youth

Inspired Youth are a multi award-winning not-for-profit Social Enterprise, we embrace the creativity and vibrancy of digital media production, arts and participative inclusion techniques to inform, challenge, educate and inspire. Our drive is to make an on going positive impact in communities with a particular focus on engaging and empowering people who are considered by some as hard to reach.

We believe that by offering inspiring creative processes and excellent arts and media experiences we can achieve a high social impact both directly with project participants and also in the wider community.

Inspired Youth have spent the last 9 years championing the stories of marginalised people, whose voices are often ignored, unrepresented and in some cases misrepresented meaning people live with stigma and prejudice.

We create participant-led, arts & media campaigns that raise awareness and aspirations within communities that need it most. We have created successful campaigns on a range of issues and with a wide variety of service users from homelessness and youth homelessness, people recovering from addiction, young Carers, young parents, Samaritans volunteers and people living with Dementia.

In 2014 we created an award winning project called ‘Music4Care’ where a group of young care leavers worked with two recording artists to create their own rap song based on their own experiences of the care system. They went on to film a music video accompanying the song. We enable unlikely artistic partnerships to thrive, driven by our aspiration for empowerment and influence. We are passionate about continuing to benefit communities by empowering individuals to be creators of their own stories. We belive by sharing those stories we can inspire others, and that it only takes one person to inspire a revolution and spark raised aspirations in an individual. Our projects tackle stigma, raise awareness, challenge prejudice and celebrate diversity whilst allowing vulnerable and marginalised people to develop through excellent arts experiences.

To see more of our work visit our website.

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