” I learnt to swim”

The wet October nights were desolate, drenching and demoralising.
I wandered the streets in a naive attempt to rest my head, this cold, wet bench was my bed.
I was learning the skills of this urban jungle.
Learning to show no fear.
no trust.
no love.
All of these were eroded away with the rain of each passing day.

Nothing could prepare me for the coldness of them nights.
I could not differentiate between this numbing, blistering wind and the numbness that lied within my core as a void.
An abyss of emptiness.
Something was missing.
Someone was missing.

I was reborn that November.
Given the warm blanket of their unconditional love.
Given a cup of tea with 2 lumps of understanding and acceptance.

You see, water doesn’t have to be grey and imposing like that October rain.
It can be blue,
purifying                                                                                                                              and truly beautiful.

I realise this because I learnt to swim this year.

My swimming abilities are a symbol of pulling through to the other side.
Because the hardest part of swimming is overcoming the fear of drowning.
But now I have that secure base.
I have people that will lift my head and spirit high above the water.
Now I don’t have to be scared of the world.
Once I came to this realisation I could see the world’s true beauty.

You see, there is a misconception that it is harder to learn new skills as you age.
But this is only because you become fearful and cynical of the world around you.
But this doesn’t have to be the case.
Nobody has to be hardened by their past to a point of no return.
I believe there is a child in all of us trying to get out.
Curiously and courageously seeking adventure.

Swimming wasn’t my new skill, learning to be open minded and open hearted was.

The people that gave me that warm blanket and tea have given so much more in the past three years that I have known them.
They have created my new beginning.
Just as I have created their new beginning.

By Amy-Jo