Luke Rodgers

Luke Rodgers, Founder of Foster Focus started his life in care, he like many other children unfortunately didn’t feel his experiences were positive ones. After moving from foster home to foster home, living in children’s homes and in and out of schools Luke found himself independent, living in a B&B at only 15 years old.

He had a dream to make a difference to children’s lives in care, he told him self that he ‘didn’t want other young people to experience what he had’ and from this mantra, he began his journey to finding a way to have a positive impact to children.

 Luke began by sharing his story about his experiences in care, he noticed how this was inspiring to those listening to his journey. Seeing how his words where having a huge impact to those listening to him, and to his confidence, he felt that the opportunity for care leavers to share their experiences to inspire and motivate others should be offered to them, and so Foster Focus was born.

Now the young professional that Luke is, with his history behind him but still the very drive for his success, he has gone on to achieve many things. Winning multiple awards for the development of his UK and international work as a social entrepreneur. He worked with some of the UK’s largest children services, created projects in Europe and is recognised for is professional and passionate work.