Billy Mulvaney

Billy Mulvaney -a senior manager at a secure children’s home for vulnerable young offenders, discusses his story honestly and opening. Explaining how his wife and children are the foundations of his progression into an inspiring care leaver.

A touching case that demonstrates the power of loving relationships.


Mark Riddell

Social Worker, Author and MBE recipient, Mark Riddell, shares with us his experiences of growing up in care. Originally, I am from away up in Scotland, Aberdeen the windy city. I have been in social work for what feels like a hundred years. I was born in 1968 and only entered care in 1980. My campaigning for children in…

Wayne Dignam

I’m Wayne Dignam a Care Leaver from Ireland. I founded the Care Leavers’ Network, a networking and support group for care leavers. We advocate for children in care, support children coming out of care, and train professionals in the care system. I was born in 1975 and spent most of my childhood in State Care. …